Cisco Trusted Access

A practical, Zero Trust approach to security solving 3 primary needs

Today’s mobile workforce has access to a variety of cloud apps and personal devices to get them through their workday. Knowing who and what to trust is a big challenge for your IT department. CyKor relies on Cisco Trusted Access to make it simpler on your team and safe to grant and restrict access by establishing policies based on a number of strategies.

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Cisco makes it easy to achieve business outcomes in weeks, not years.

Continuous verification limits access to apps and the network

Automate the process to reduce load on IT and create happier users

Ensure compliance within apps and the network

FIVE STEPS TO Perimeter-Less Security

Centralizing key data and applications, then managing them through VPNs and firewalls used to be an effective way to protect your network, but the evolution of cloud apps and BYOD is making it more of a challenge to keep user data and networks safe. In this ebook, you’ll find five crucial steps you can take to adopt the zero-trust model in your organization as an essential way to stay competitive.

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